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Bolu,Türkiye Milwaukee,WI

Building Cultural and Economical Bridges Between U.S.A. and TÜRKİYE!  

NEWS! TDT Sister Cities Committee meeting held in Bolu on the 16th of April 2011

Turkish Delight Tours Sister Cities Board has initiated the process towards declaring City of Bolu, Türkiye  and Milwaukee, WI as SISTER CITIES!

Visit The Sister Cities Page

Turkish Delight Tours is offering *Boutique Tour Programs presenting to you the very best of Asia Minor. TDT is no ordinary travel agency. TDT is your personal companion in touristic guidence services.Turkish Delight Tours is also offering *Quique Tour Programs |Link| presenting to you quick 6 Days Tours of Asia Minor. You get a taste of Istanbul(Historical Peninsula), Anatolia(Cappadocia), Capital(Ankara), Aegean Beaches(Izmir/Kusadasi), Ephesus, and museums. *Quique Programs prepare you for the TDT *Boutique Tours rewarding you with a 5% discount per person for your following Boutique TDT Tour booked.
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    *Boutique Tour is a term "...describing intimate, usually luxurious tour programs. Boutique tours differentiate themselves from larger charter tours and mainstream touristic services by providing personalized tour programs and custom planned touristic services. Sometimes known as "intensive care tours" or "private tours", boutique tours are furnished in a themed, stylish and/or aspirational manner. Boutique tour groups usually are considerably smaller than mainstream tour groups, often ranging from 2 to 14 guests."

    *Quique is TDT's Boutique Term for the English word "Quick"

    Payments: TurkishDelightTours prefers Certified Check or Money Order as primary payment options. If it is more convenient for you Credit cards are accepted up to $500 initial deposit payments only. Credit card payments are not recommended at all due to higher risks of over-the-net transactions these days. This is an effort on TDT to secure customer satisfaction. TDT will contact you with further payment details after you complete and send Reservation Request Form







    Boutique tours are always individual and are therefore extremely unlikely to be found amongst the homogeneity of large chain tour organizers. Boutique tour programs are designed per group / per private request / per organizer’s personal specialties considering details, thus they usually are designed to be unique travel experiences differentiating themselves form mainstream touristic services. Boutique guiding services are often attended to by 24-hour tour staff.
    Trip of a Lifetime

    Yachting in the Mediterranean... Realize this dream with TDT

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